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Millennium Dome
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Electrosonic, based at Hawley Mill in Dartford, is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of audio visual display systems. In the early 1960s Electrosonic was one of the first companies to manufacture electronic dissolve units for slide projectors. Technology has now moved on from using only still slide based images to using video, HDTV and computer graphics, all simultaneously and in real-time, and Electrosonic has remained at the forefront of the industry. The Company is now the world's leading manufacturer of control electronics for videowalls and other large image display systems.

Electrosonic technology has brought to life many of the UK's top attractions, such as Madame Tussaud's, Rock Circus, Granada Studios Tour; and in 1999, Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh (one of Electrosonic's many Millennium funded projects), Vinopolis in London; and seven zones in the Millennium Dome.

   Newseum videowall
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In 1978 Electrosonic was honoured with the Queen's Award to Industry for Export Achievement. Since then Export achievement has been maintained and most recently increased. Electrosonic turnover amounted to about £20,000 in its first years trading; and 36 years later it is an international operation with a turnover of £35M and employing 250 people, with 66% of its turnover in overseas business.

EXPO '92, Seville
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Some milestones over the last ten years include building the world's biggest videowall with 850 monitors at EXPO '92 in Seville, where Electrosonic equipment was used in 35 pavilions controlling over 2,000 video screens and 500 slide projectors. In 1997 Electrosonic delivered the 130 ft. wide high resolution electronic image display at the Newseum, Arlington VA; which can display up to 36 asynchronous electronic images simultaneously.

SpiderMan Ride
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In 1998 the Company devised new algorithms for electronic image resizing which formed the basis of its latest VECTOR™ processing system. In 1999 Electrosonic was the Winner of the AV Technology Awards for Systems Company of the Year and Excellence in the Use of Videowall; and supplied the 3D Projection System for the spectacular SpiderMan™ ride at Universal Studios in Florida.

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