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P. W. Boreham
C. R. Baker


Home Front Dartford 1939-1945
Dartford Borough Council, 1995, 32 pp.
This concise illustrated booklet (available from Dartford Borough Museum) contains a wealth of information about life on the Home Front in Dartford 1939-1945. Of particular interest are the many personal memories provided by people who lived and worked in Dartford during the war.


P. W. Boreham S. Cutler B. Lewis


A Sound Mind in a Sound Body: The Centenary of the Establishment of Madame Bergman Osterberg's College at Dartford
Dartford Borough Council, 1995, 56pp
A short illustrated account of the origins and development of Dartford’s pioneering Physical Training College. The Bergman Osterberg Archive at the University of Greenwich’s Dartford campus houses a wealth of original archive material and photographs illustrating every aspect of the history of the College.


J. Burne


Dartford's Capital River: Paddle Steamers, Personalities and Smallpox Boats

1989, 120 pp
This book provides a detailed account of Dartford's links with the River Thames, particularly the history of Dartford's smallpox ships and hospitals at Long Reach.


Dartford Borough Council


Ruling Passions: The past hundred years of Local Government in Dartford
1995, 120pp.
This history of local government in Dartford gives limited coverage to the social history of the town, but is a useful source of information about the political institutions of twentieth century Dartford.


Kent Workers' Educational Association (Dartford Branch)


Dartford in the 1930s
1995, 30pp.
This pamphlet contains quite a lot of factual information and personal reminiscences about life in Dartford during the 1930s. Some of the material used has been reproduced from other published sources but the original material is of particular interest.


S. K. Keyes


Dartford Historical Notes
Dartford Further Historical Notes
The Bible of Dartford's local history. Poorly indexed, but contains a wealth of local information about life in Dartford during the first three decades of the twentieth century.


G. Macdonald


One Hundred Years: Wellcome 1880-1980.
A well-illustrated and written thematic history of Dartford's largest company. This book contains a considerable amountof information about the range of products manufactured by Burroughs Wellcome, and about working conditions.


H. Miller


Halls of Dartford 1785-1985
1985, 231 pp.
A thorough and business-like account of one of Dartford's most important industrial companies. This book is more for the serious student than for the casual reader, but is a useful source of facts and figures on the fortunes of Dartford's engineering industry.


G. Porteus


Yesterday's Town: Dartford
981, 140pp.
This book, now sadly out of print, provides a whistle stop tour of all the major developments that took place in Dartford from Victorian times until the outbreak of the Second World War. The many illustrations used throughout the book are a useful visual source for the aspiring local historian, demonstrating just how much the town changed between 1900 and 1945.


G. J. Rees


Dartford and the Great War
1998, 224 pp.
This eminently readable paperback book is brimming with information and anecdotes about life in Dartford 1914-18. The book also contains basic biographical details of all the local men who died whilst serving in the armed forces 1914-1918.



The Local Studies Collection at Dartford Central Library contains numerous books, pamphlets, maps, newspapers, directories and photographs illustrating many aspects of daily life in Dartford during the twentieth century. Dartford Borough Museum also contains ephemera and objects on this theme.

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